Situation: As a fine Art major I had to take a Studio Practice course, where all students were working independently in their own studio, while two professors were leading them throughout the production of a series of artworks. Moreover, at the end of this class we had to propose a final thesis for the graduation show in the Art Gallery of University of Waterloo. After the midterm we all received a very constructive feedbacks from both of them. However, the advices they were suggesting for my thesis were very distinctive. I had two different directions in terms of what my final work should be and it was challenging for me to decide what directions to chose. 


My action (Made decisions): It was challenging for me to find a balance between what both professors were saying and my own perception of the final work. But as a fine arts student I have learned to make my own decisions throughout the creative process. I have decided that I should find a way to correlate my own interpretation of my final work with the suggestions from both of my professors. I have decided to gather all information I could find before I will propose the theme for my thesis. First, I have decided to collect all comments and recommends from both of my professors and carefully chose the ideas, which I think were the most applicable to my thesis and my final artwork for the exhibition. Even though their feedbacks were very diverse I was able to find some related concepts.  

Moreover, I have decided to ask for an opinion from another professor, who were able to give me a constructive feedback about my thesis. Ordering books related to my theme of research through interlibrary loan had also significantly widened the scope of my research.  After I finished doing my research, I created a list of all possible solutions. This list helped me to exclude all the possible outcomes that would not work for a number of reasons, for example, because of the limited space within the art gallery, limited technical equipment, and very limited amount of time. After narrowing down my list to two possible solutions, I have created a pros and cons list. I was using different criteria such as the amount of materials I will have to purchase in order to finish the project and what project has the strongest conceptual aspect in order to make my final decision.

By the time I gather all materials I needed I was able too choose the course of action towards creating my thesis for the graduation. I have decided to create a digital, text-based installation, which addresses the way dyslexic people see the world around them. Both of my professors gave me very positive feedback about my decision and found my work very strong conceptually.


Result: Now I have clear understanding about the importance of being able to work independently, and being able to use different resources before choosing the course of action. I also realized that asking for an independent opinion might help you to resolve some situations.  In the future I would like to improve my skills in writing and speaking. I believe it is very important to be able to demonstrate the value of the position to the audience and be able to present your ideas in a precise, clear, and appropriate manner.