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Overview & Brand Attributes

The ultimate task of this project was to re-brand Wabisa Mutual by designing a new logo that reflects trustworthy and stable feeling. Wabisa Mutual Insurance Company is 100% Canadian and owned solely by its policyholders. It offers valuable insurance solutions to provide protection and peace of mind for their policyholders.

Company: 31st Line Strategic Communications

Client: Wabisa Mutual Insurance

Wabisa Mockup white bg.jpg

Exploring Directions

Good logo focuses on one strong feature. In a case of Wabisa Mutual, it's constant growth. After brainstorming session I quickly found a few promising directions. Next, I spent time exploring a few selected directions, testing them to make sure the final decision was justified.

Wabisa sketch.jpg

Evolving the Chosen Option

After all the testing and discussion, the decision was made to evolve the direction with an upper movement "w". This option had the best potential and reflected the growth of the company and its customers. Next step was to test the colour and typography options. It's important to maintain the consistency between the icon and typography. Everything matters - rhythm, incline, and strokes.  

Wabisa step2.jpg
Wabisa Logo step3.jpg

Finalizing the Logo

Final polishing is a very meticulous steps in the branding workflow. Usually I use a grid system, based on the Fibonacci sequence that always leads to high quality results.

Wabisa logo final.jpg

Website Design

After analyzing client's goals, I started working on wireframing and sitemaps for the website. Next step is gathering content and designing visual elements based on the new brand identity. To ensure the best user experience I focused on creating easy to navigate and clean website. 

wabisa wireframe-04.png
Mockup website wabisa.jpg
wabisa website-01.png

Series of Digital Ads


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