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STEM Camp Video Campaign 


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Project Overview

STEM Camp is a Canadian not for profit based out of Embro, Ontario operating over 40 anglophone and bilingual summer camps across Ontario. Its mission is to inspire Canadian youth through participating in hands-on activities in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  

As a part of 31st Line team I created a video direct mail book to capture the attention of CEOs and top decision makers in a unique, yet fun manner. In the Video, STEM Camp CEO Kevin Cougler speaks personally to the target audience about how STEM Camp can benefit from the STEM-realted expertise of companies. Company CEOs are encouraged to tell their story, visit camp, share ideas, and share camp registration information with their employees.

As a graphic designer, I was assigned a task of creating a series of graphics that would be related to the existing STEM Camp logo and the new campaign name "Let's find out". After a series of creative revisions, it was decided that question marks would be a strong and memorable symbol that represent children's curiosity in science, engineering, mathematics and technology .  

In addition to creating the graphics for the campaign, I filmed and edited the video. The video was made under extremely tight 2 week timeline. 

Stem camp question marks-04.png

Thanks for viewing my work!