In my fourth year of university I took User Experience Design course, which was mostly based on teamwork. My team members were also in their final year and we all had very busy schedules. While having to multitask in other projects in my final term, I exercised responsibility working with my team. Because of our tight schedules we all needed to negotiate about what would be the best way to communicate in order to finish our assignments on time.

            My role in our team was to make sure there is no misunderstanding or unexpressed difficulties in our group. I also was the one who tried to keep a sense of harmony within our group. Some of my group members also had part-time jobs and they were concerned about completing all assignments on time. I ensured them that we will be able to do it if we will divide our workload for this class and work independently. Because of our tight schedules I suggested that we can all communicate through Internet and by dividing the workload we can make it work. I agreed to work division and made sure everyone had equal amount of work to do. I also did not want anyone to stress out because of the due dates and I have decided to set all of our deadlines a week in advance. Besides keeping positive attitude and dividing work within our team I worked independently to meet group deadline. Working on a group project through Internet might be challenging because some misunderstanding might occur. For this reason I tried my best to effectively convey information through writing. I made sure I clarified important points for my teammates to avoid any miscommunication in the future. Furthermore, I was the one who had to revise the final version of the persona interview for our research. Our professor suggested to rethink the way we were asking our interviewees to do the demonstration of using a mobile application for our research. In order to request the permission more ethically I recalled what I learned while completing the Research Ethics course. It helped me to add ethics permission feel so that our team looked professional and reliable during interviews. Afterwards we got a positive feedback from our professor saying that we have done nice work by adding ethic permission feel for our demo.

            I learned that my personal traits helped me being a communicator in our group and make sure there are no misunderstandings or unexpressed concerns within a group. I will be using my communication skills while working with other teams in the future.