As a member of a team in the User Experience Design class, I was involved with working on User Test interviews. In order to complete out first user test interview, I found a student who could be our potential user. However, he was confused about our research and didn’t know how he can contribute to it. He also wasn’t very comfortable with talking out loud while completing the task. I involved my Communicating Skills in speaking and writing to assure the student that his feedback will be important, valuable, and useful for our research.


                  In order to successfully handle this situation, I made sure the language we were using in our questionnaire and during the interviews, was adapted to high school and first year university students. I explained to a potential interviewee the purpose of our research in a clear manner, considering the level of his expertise in the User Experience design and Instagram application. To make sure the student feels more confortable about speaking out loud while completing the task, I provided him with an example and assure him that it will be very helpful for our team. I demonstrated the value of his feedback by telling him that this information may be included in the course report and will affect our team’s future campaign for the University of Waterloo Instagram page. I also made sure the student received a Thank You letter from our professor, to emphasize the fact that this research is very important for our class and for the faculty of Arts because it will help encourage high school students to attend the Arts program in the University of Waterloo in the future. In order to clarify our research even more for the student, I anticipated and answered questions. The student asked me if it was okay that he wasn’t using Instagram application for last few months. I assured him that it was totally fine.  I informed the student that it might be even more helpful for us as we might consider him as a new user and he may have different point of view, as oppose to students who are using Instagram on a daily basis. After the student agreed to be a part of our research, he had a few comments about the questionnaire. I had to meet potential criticism when he said that some of the questions were unclear and confusing to him. I assured him that I will consider his view and let my team know about his confusion. I informed him that we will make necessary changes to make the questionnaire more clear in the future.


                  My ability to use communicating skills in speaking and writing helped our team to finish our first user test interview successfully. We got interesting insights for our Instagram camping and the last student we were interviewing provided us with some interesting points that we didn’t receive before.